University of Pennsylvania

Teaching Certificate, Center for Teaching and Learning (2018)

Global Digital Activism. Instructor. Undergraduate seminar. Summer 2018. Syllabus.

Introduction to Communication Behavior. Instructor. Co-taught with Allyson Volinsky. Undergraduate survey class. Summer 2017.

Media Ethnography for Social Justice. Teaching Assistant. Instructor: Dr. Jessa Lingel. Undergraduate seminar. Fall 2017.

Introduction to Communication Behavior. Teaching Assistant. Instructor: Dr. Amy Jordan. Undergraduate survey class. Fall 2016.

WARNING! Graphic Content. Teaching Assistant. Instructor: Dwayne Booth (Mr. Fish). Undergraduate seminar. Spring 2016.

Central European University

New Tools of Citizen Participation and Democratic Accountability. Teaching Assistant. Instructor: Dr. Marina Popescu. Graduate seminar. Spring 2014.