University of Glasgow

Digital Society: The Social Living Lab. MSc core class. Semester 2, 2022. Co-taught with Bridgette Wessels.

Digital Society: Theory and Substantive Issues. MSc core class. Semester 1, 2021. Co-taught with Bridgette Wessels.

University of Michigan

Global Digital Activism. Undergraduate seminar. Winter 2021.

University of Pennsylvania

Teaching Certificate, Center for Teaching and Learning (2018)

Global Digital Activism. Instructor. Undergraduate seminar. Summer 2018. Syllabus.

Introduction to Communication Behavior. Instructor. Co-taught with Allyson Volinsky. Undergraduate survey class. Summer 2017.

Media Ethnography for Social Justice. Teaching Assistant. Instructor: Dr. Jessa Lingel. Undergraduate seminar. Fall 2017.

Introduction to Communication Behavior. Teaching Assistant. Instructor: Dr. Amy Jordan. Undergraduate survey class. Fall 2016.

WARNING! Graphic Content. Teaching Assistant. Instructor: Dwayne Booth (Mr. Fish). Undergraduate seminar. Spring 2016.

Central European University

New Tools of Citizen Participation and Democratic Accountability. Teaching Assistant. Instructor: Dr. Marina Popescu. Graduate seminar. Spring 2014.